Lactation Consultant IBCLC , RPN

Providing in-home breastfeeding support to help you meet your breastfeeding goals.



Professional, evidence-based breastfeeding support from pregnancy through weaning.

 I have been working with families and women since the beginning of my career. I have a passion for helping families navigate the sometimes complicated path of feeding, and helping mothers feel confident in mothering their children in the ways that are right for them. 

I live in Hamilton with my husband and two young sons. I have been practicing in the hospital setting in Oakville for many years, but have made deep roots in the Hamilton community through living and parenting here and am excited to offer my services in the greater Hamilton area.

With both of my sons my breastfeeding journeys were complicated, emotional, and rewarding. I have experienced numerous complex challenges which have made me a better lactation consultant and given me extensive personal experience with breastfeeding up and downs. I have experience with a wide variety of breastfeeding issues including: tongue tie, low supply, over supply, nipple pain, exclusive pumping, mixed feeding, sleep issues, breast pain, preemie feeding issues and maternal & infant health complications. I also have a special interest in breastfeeding with PCOS and families experiencing breast refusal.

I believe in attachment parenting and meeting the emotional needs of your baby while finding balance and well being for yourself. 




Continuity of Care 

Evidence-based, practical help for breastfeeding challenges, including tongue tie, low supply, breast refusal, hormonal issues, weaning from supplements, over supply, food intolerance, preemie feeding, infant health complications and many more.


Expert Guidance

I provide ongoing personal breastfeeding support throughout your breastfeeding and parenting journey from pregnancy to weaning.


Evidence-based sleep support

I provide education about normal infant sleep, the importance of meeting your baby's needs at night time and ensuring you get the rest you need. Sometimes you need creative solutions!


Helping You Avoid Problems By Creating a Plan

Whether its your first baby or fifth, making a breastfeeding plan can help you avoid problems ahead of time. If you have pregnancy complications we can build a personalized plan to help you make decisions to keep your breastfeeding goals on track. Returning to work is overwhelming and having a plan that allows you to continue your breastfeeding relationship can be reassuring.



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Sonni N

Kim D

Nicole is incredible! She is patient, kind, realistic, and affirming. Breastfeeding, though it seems so natural, can bring complications...and I had a million little questions. With ease and promptness, Nicole was ready and willing to answer ALL of them. And, she is incredibly well researched! If you’re looking for help, don’t hesitate to contact her. She is the best investment I made during my postpartum and breastfeeding journey.

I am so grateful for Nicole! I’ve overcome so many obstacles on my breastfeeding journey because of her support. Oral ties, poor latch, insecurities, digestion issues, the list goes on! She has helped us through so much! I can’t say enough good things and would recommend her to anyone in need of breastfeeding support!

My second time breastfeeding was different from my first and so, even though I knew more, I still felt a bit lost. Having Nicole to support me, answer my questions and give advice was so valuable during those newborn days. Even now that my baby is older I still reach out to Nicole when I have breastfeeding questions because I know she'll give me a knowledgeable, science-backed answer.



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